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سعر عادي AED. 10,200.00
سعر عادي سعر البيع AED. 10,200.00
أُوكَازيُون نفذ
يتم احتساب الشحن عند الخروج.
Custom Size

تحتفل بطبقات من التصميم المعماري والصور الظلية لأفق المدينة المتفائلة الممتدة عبر الأفق، وتتوضع هذه السجادة بألوانها الانتقائية وأنماطها الهندسية بشكل جميل في الشقق الحديثة الصاخبة إلى مكاتب وسط المدينة إلى أي مساحة أخرى مصممة لتغذية نمط حياة سريع.

  • معنقدة يدويًا من الصوف النيوزيلندي والحرير القطني المصقول
  • تخصيص اللون حسب الطلب
  • تخصيص الحجم والمواد حسب الطلب
  • السجاد الهندسي
  • زوما دبي شركاؤكم ومستشاروكم في مجال السجاد الفاخر القابل للتخصيص في دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة


100% صوف نيوزيلندي و100% حرير قطني مصقول


الحجم بالأمتار (العرض × الطول)
2.5 م × 3 م
3 م × 4 م
3.5 م × 5 م
4 م × 6 م


For all customisation queries with regard to size, colour or proportions of the pattern kindly contact us (call / WhatsApp) on the following number: +971547827474

Shipping, Delivery and Installation

1) Upon placement of order, ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC shall give the receiver an estimated delivery date for the goods, which shall be offered as guidance only.

2) Surcharge will be applied for furniture/carpets to be transported via air freight or courier.

3) When the receiver's goods are ready for delivery, ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC will contact the receiver to agree a delivery date on the contact details provided. Once a delivery date has been agreed, the receiver will be responsible for accepting the delivery and arranging appropriate means of access and installation on that date. It is the receiver's responsibility to ensure that ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC delivery team has access to the delivery address, and that sufficient space for the goods is available. Delivery on the first floor and above shall be achieved by service elevators arranged by the receiver and it's the receiver's responsibility to notify ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC of any potential problems with access to the premises, building, service elevators etc., and make any related delivery arrangements. Where delivery is complicated by such factors, additional charges will be incurred by the receiver.

4) It is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate access to the delivery address. If on the delivery date ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC delivery team is unable to obtain access to the delivery address, the receiver will incur a re-delivery charge of one percent (1%) of the purchase price, which must be paid prior to re-delivery.

5) If the receiver fails to agree a revised delivery date within thirty (30) days of ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC delivery request, ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC retains the right to cancel the receiver's order, retain all amount paid and resell the goods with no further liability.

6) ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC team will not disassemble, pack or shift furniture existing in the client's premise. Client needs to make arrangements to clear any existing furniture.

7) ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC will not be responsible for any potential delivery problems including vehicle access to site, narrow stairs and doors, small service lifts, low ceilings or any other barriers. Removal or avoiding of any barriers to make delivery possible is solely under client’s cost and risk.

8) If delivery is not accepted on the agreed delivery date, goods shall be kept in storage free of charge for a period of up to Seven (7) days. If you fail to agree a revised delivery date within thirty (30) days of ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC redelivery request, ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC retains the right to cancel your order, retain all monies paid and resell the goods with no further liability.

9) ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC do not accept any responsibility for damage to client's property during delivery other than damage due to our negligence and our liability is limited to the repair of that damage.

10) Electrical installation will be quoted according to each individual project.

11) In the absence of negligence, ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC will not be liable for loss or damage to the goods or your property caused by (i) ZUMA following your instructions; (ii) limited or no access to the premises; and/or (iii) goods not fitting into your property.

12) For Shipments outside UAE, a packing list, shipping documents will be issued by ZUMA Design Consultants FZ-LLC, Customs Duty, Clearance Charges any VAT (if any) will need to be paid by the receiver upon delivery.

13) Standard delivery time is 5-7 working days within U.A.E and 7-10 working days within GCC for stock products.

14) For custom order of carpets or made to measure furniture standard delivery time is 8-12 weeks unless otherwise notified at the time of purchase.

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