At Zuma we firmly believe that carpets have an inherent power of breathing a new life and grandeur into spaces that seem adequately furnished, yet incomplete.



At Zuma, we focus on creating timeless interiors that spell luxury and comfort. Our specialized scope of operations centers mainly on Interior Architecture, Interior Contracting, Landscaping, as well as tailor-made procurement and project management services around the world. Rated amongst the best interior design companies in Dubai, UAE, our scale of Project Management and Execution varies from small single room/floor development to large-scale Palaces, Esteemed Residences, and elaborate hotel interiors. Every client comes with a creative bent, and we love the challenge of expanding on that vision, trying to bring out the best with our skill set but at the same time not imposing ourselves or drifting away from the brief.

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Zuma is a twin identity company that combines Aesthetics, Expertise and Creativity of Zubin & Mallika. Partners in Design and life , together they form a brand that strives to create functional concepts that interpret, enhance and reflect the design language of their clients, be it with their vast selection of luxury carpets or being strong contenders at being identified as one of the best interior design companies in Dubai...

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At Zuma we firmly believe that carpets have an inherent power of... 


A conveniently sized table designed using solid walnut wood and clear resin, the Liscio Side Table, packs together aesthetics and practical functionality. The concealed mini wheels at the bottom of this table adds to its utilitarian qualities and sleekness. Pair it with the Hermès Accent chair in black leather and walnut for the ultimate style statement.

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