Collection: Unagi The Modern Collection

A collection of modern carpet designs, neutral tones, earthy pallets; crafted in the finest yarns, escalating the standard and setting a tone for Luxury carpets in Dubai, UAE. Designed on the concept of less is more, these carpets are elegant and timeless.

Unveiling the Unagi Collection: Modern Design for the Discerning Homeowner

Imagine a living space that perfectly reflects your minimal taste and modern personality. Every detail, from the comfort of your sofa to the intricate patterns of your carpet, contributes to a feeling of luxurious comfort. At Zuma Dubai, we understand the importance of these elements and offer a unique combination of exquisite furniture and bespoke carpets to elevate your home.

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We, at Zuma, have also established ourselves as one of the leading carpet companies in the UAE with our unparalleled creativity when it comes to our carpet collections. The Unagi collection is a stunning range of modern carpets by Zuma. It offers the perfect solution to homeowners who want to elevate their space with a touch of contemporary elegance.

Crafted with the finest yarns, our talented team brings the carpets of this collection to life. Furthermore, we help you transform your favorite modern carpet into a custom rug by adjusting its size, color, and shape to suit your preferences.

What sets Unagi apart?

The beauty of our Unagi The Modern Collection is its adaptability. An unwavering commitment to quality and understated grandeur sets it apart from other modern collections in the market. Unagi carpets feature a minimalist aesthetic, with uncluttered designs that bring a sense of order and serenity to your space.

Luxury modern carpets in Dubai by Zuma

The collection is meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring exceptional durability and timeless appeal. The luxurious feel and rich textures add a touch of indulgence underfoot. Furthermore, Unagi carpets feature a sophisticated color scheme of neutral tones and earthy palettes - this versatility allows them to complement a wide range of design styles.

Each piece that Zuma offers in our Unagi The Modern Collection, represents luxury reinterpreted for modern homes and work spaces. Our primary focus constantly lies on using quality materials, maintaining understated elegance, and ensuring optimal functionality.

TIncorporating Unagi pieces into your home

The Unagi collection is more than just aesthetics; it prioritizes both form and function. It actively draws inspiration from the concept of "less is more” by embodying a belief in the power of simplicity to create a lasting impact. This makes each piece so versatile, that they can become a seamless part of any space in your home.

Adding a Unagi carpet can serve as the centerpiece of your living room, grounding the space and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The collection’s neutral tones also make for the perfect addition to create a tranquil bedroom atmosphere. You could also choose the Unagi collection’s earthy-toned carpets to compliment your dining room set.

Bespoke Creations for Discerning Tastes

Whether it is your living, dining or bedroom that you seek a carpet for, Zuma is your ideal choice for a modern luxury carpet supplier in Dubai. At Zuma’s online storefront, you can also browse through a wide range of interior design services along with bespoke furniture, wall art, cushions, and more. Our discerning clientele can always expect the finest quality and craftsmanship when they choose Zuma to buy customized carpets online in Dubai.

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