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At Zuma we firmly believe that luxury carpets have an inherent power of breathing a new life and grandeur into spaces that seem adequately furnished, yet incomplete. It is this belief that lead us to develop a specialized segment for customised carpets and gain huge popularity and respect across the Middle East for our high-end Hand tufted, Hand knotted and Axminister carpets. We also offer... Read More

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Luxurious Spaces in UAE Deserve Exquisite Luxury Carpets

The UAE is renowned for its opulence, and luxurious commercial spaces and homes deserve equally exquisite carpets. These are not just floor coverings; they are the foundation that ties a room together, creating an ambiance of sophistication and comfort.

Zuma is a leading name among luxury carpet manufacturers in the UAE. Here, our clientele can find a curated selection of rugs and carpets online in Dubai. These are perfect for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

A tapestry of styles for discerning tastes

Whether you crave the timeless elegance of classic carpets or the sleek lines of modern luxury carpets in Dubai, Zuma caters to every taste. We pride ourselves on being a premier carpet supplier in Dubai for not only bespoke modern rugs and customized classical carpets online, but also for a wide range of other styles. Browse our extensive online store to discover a world of textures, patterns, and colors. Easily personalize your preferred choice of carpet into a bespoke piece by modifying its size, color, and shape to create a unique look for your space.

From the subtle intricacies of traditional motifs to the bold statements of geometric designs, our collections encompass The Classic Collection, The Textured Collection, The Geometric Collection, and The Modern Collection. To help you navigate through our wide variety of choices - our team of professional design consultants are here to help. We work closely with you to understand your vision and brainstorm ideas tailored to your unique interior design.

Luxury Custom-Made Carpets in UAE: Crafted with passion, built to last

With all the details of your preferences in place, our expert artisan weavers, some of the best in the UAE, meticulously bring your vision to life. Using time-tested techniques like tufting or tight-knotting, they breathe life into the textures and hues, employing only the highest-grade materials like wool, silk or cashmere.

As a result, we bring you masterpieces that elevate any space immensely. Detailed craftsmanship ensures unparalleled softness underfoot and unmatched durability, transforming your custom carpet into a cherished family heirloom.

Carpets in UAE: Effortless inspiration awaits

For those who enjoy the convenience of buying carpets online in Dubai, Zuma is the perfect match. Our online storefront is always brimming with inspiration, helping you navigate your interior decor journey effortlessly. Our collections are meticulously categorized by style - textured, modern, classical, and geometric - making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Furthermore, you can filter by size, price, or other specifications to narrow down your search. If you have a truly unique vision - do not hesitate to contact us with all the details. Zuma boasts a massive in-house design laboratory, allowing for complete customization to match your exact needs.

A one-stop shop for luxury living

As an all-round interior design destination, Zuma goes beyond carpets. We offer a curated selection of stunning designer furniture, allowing you to aesthetically match your new rug with the first pieces. Sleek contemporary couches paired with abstract cut-pile rug designs - Zuma can help you achieve a seamless, pulled-together aesthetic at your office or home. Upon working with us, your commercial or residential space will truly reflect the exquisite taste and luxury that defines the UAE.

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